Testimonials from Parents running ABA Home/School Programmes consulted on (in the past) by Catherine Green BCBA and the team of Associates:

Team: Cathy and Emma

“Cathy and her team enabled our son to make dramatic improvements in remarkably little time. Cathy is honest, caring and full of positive energy. She is quite methodological in her approach and came up with behavioural strategies for our son which proved extremely effective. She has been very prompt to address questions or concerns we have had.

She is very inspiring both as a consultant as well as a parent. Thank you Cathy and team for your invaluable support.”

– A Parent


Team: Cathy and Chris

“Cathy’s management of our programme has inspired us with confidence. She responds promptly and effectively to any issues that we experience, and she keeps the whole team on their toes.”

– A Parent


Team: Cathy and Vicky

“Cathy always provided a professional, objective service. She is well versed in the latest research and hence you are always assured that the most current techniques of VB-ABA will be included as part of the programme. Our son has made phenomenal progress under her direction in the space of a year.

Cathy and her team are caring and committed individuals who not only have the best interest of the child but also provide a supportive network for parents at what in my opinion is a very trying and difficult time for most families. Thank you Cathy and team for all your advice and support we could not have coped without you.”

– A Parent


Team: Cathy and Vicky

“Cathy has been a great ABA consultant for us. She has dealt with our daughter’s self harming and has been excellent with creating a good working relationship with our daughters mainstream school. Her report for tribunal was excellent and as such has made it harder for our LEA to remove the ABA. She is evidence based, to the point of driving us potty! – but that’s what you need for a real ABA programme.”

– A Parent


Team: Cathy and Emma

“My introduction to ABA was a call to Cathy Green… best call I made! Cathy and her team are a valuable resource for any parent. From the start, I found Cathy to be very well versed, extremely professional and very easy to engage with. I did not know much about ABA when I contacted Cathy, I was not sure what to expect.. by the end of our first call, I knew one thing: Cathy was the only person I wanted to lead my son’s ABA programme. Her personal and professional experience speak for themsel[ves] but now after working with her and her team I can personally say that starting an ABA programme under Cathy’s lead was the best choice I could make for my family. I am floored by how quickly we saw results and am very optimistic that Cathy and her team are the answer to my son’s success.”

– A Parent


Team: Cathy and Louise

“Our 3-year old son started ABA therapy with Cathy’s team a couple of months ago. We are delighted with the progress he is making, and impressed with the professional way in which the program is run. Cathy and her team ensure that there is objective data to back up the progress he is making, so the results are measurable and quantifiable. At the same time, the whole team is friendly and approachable, and our son enjoys the sessions – for us this is essential for success.”

A Parent


Team: Cathy and Sheila

“Since introducing our son to Cathy and her team his improvement has been remarkable. Cathy’s knowledge and enthusiasm are a breath of fresh air. We would, without hesitation, recommend Cathy and the ABA programme, it really has worked wonders and the change in our son is wonderful”

– A Parent


Feedback from a workshop: ‘The Essential Content and Structure of a Home Based ABA/VB Programme’ presented by Catherine Green BCBA on 28th April 2013

“I found the course very helpful. Catherine presented very important information in an easy and very understandable format. I feel it is her dual role as Mum and BCBA which helps her explain things and thereby empower parents. Thank you Catherine”

“Catherine is great. I felt so lost and confused deciding on the choice of ABA therapy for my son, but the course she presented made so many points clearer in my mind. Catherine provided me with very valuable information so the next stage in my child’s ABA therapy is much clearer. She gave me hope”

“I have been to hundreds of conferences and workshops throughout my career – I have to say the workshop hosted by ABA Tutor[finder] and presented by Catherine Green was simply outstanding. The content was timely and relevant. The focus was on elements of high quality ABA program management. Catherine is a great speaker and outstanding consultant behaviour analyst, but above all, she is [a] warm and friendly person who understands aspects of autism so much better for being [the] mother of an autistic boy herself. Before attending the workshop I felt lost and confused deciding on the choice of ABA therapy for my child but the course she presented made so many points clearer: she simply gave us the standard of high quality ABA therapy. Catherine provided us with very valuable information supported by published data and [anecdotal] evidence from her own work [experience] …… in the field of ABA therapy and as mother of an autistic boy. Catherine is great and I am looking forward to attending her workshops in the future.”

“An eye opening, in depth journey into ABA/VB. Feel much better about how I will be managing our programme for our son. Can’t wait for more training. This was empowering.”

“Loved the workshop. Fantastic!!! Joining the next one”.

“I am just starting my journey as an ABA tutor, thanks for your wonderful insight!”

“Training was very good quality, useful resources.”

“Really useful and excellent high end guidelines to setting up a programme!”

“Thank you for an extremely informative and interesting day. Loads of information will presented and lots of good, clear guidelines. Great experience.”

“Very informative, well structured and useful.”

“Very very good and I am lucky that I am here before starting the [ABA] programme …. now at least I know what should be there. Great help and very good. Thanks a lot.”

“Very informative! Thank you!”

“Fantastic summary of the principles of ABA – a lot of information to summarize but it fitted all together well. Great discussions and exchanges! Thank you for all of the great resources.”

“Wonderful. I have attended all sessions with a son with ADHD aged 8. It has changed my life and all of my family. I am inspired to learn formally and am on the diploma course in September.”

“This course has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much! I have gained so much information and have met so many great people.”

“This was very useful training. It was thoroughly comprehensive and very engaging. I really liked Catherine’s focus on specifics and importance of measurement. Apart from useful well packed information, the presentation had a lot of dos and don’ts. Thank you.”

“Lots of great content and I really liked how Cathy was able to answer all the questions … I would love to have a course specifically on how to use the VB-Mapp.”


Training at a Special Education School: 17 May 2013

“Thanks Cathy … for such a great session on Friday. You are an inspiration!”


Feedback from a workshop: ‘Making use of the Analysis of Verbal Behaviour in Teaching Children with Autism’ presented by Catherine Green BCBA on 18th May 2013

“Thank you so much again for the excellent training yesterday, I am still buzzing and can’t wait to work with the little boy again on Saturday :O) Thanks for answering all my questions too!”

” …. I would like you to know that the training[s] you are running are so beneficial for parents and I am really happy I attended both of them. I hope more trainings and workshops will be planned to help us go ahead with our ABA programmes. Thank you for all the information you are bringing to us.”

“This was another thorough and incredible educational training.  Fantastic source of information and good practice.  Thank you.”

“Very useful for me as a mother, to undertake some of the tasks/learning myself.  Gave us a great insight … to help our children.”

“Very useful.  Lots of interesting and helpful information provided! Thank you!”

“Excellent and useful tips – working at an ABA school – training should be provided … on the same level.  Thank you.”

“Very informative – I’ll be back for more! – Thank you”

“… Cathy was very good at explaining … very informative and will be back for the next training.  Thank you”

“Very impressive and informative – good and new techniques learnt today – excellent resources.”

“Great job, links and resources, very much appreciated!”

“Very useful for a parent like me going through with his child”.

“Very interesting and all information was useful”

“Really enjoyed – will help me a lot in everyday situations working with a child”

“A lot of information to take in but very interesting”.

“Great day again – really useful points and information given – thank you Cathy”

“Brilliant – has given me a lot to think about”.

“Thank you again – I have come to all classes now and going over them repeating classes …. I go away motivated with tools ideas and contacts.”

“Great – fitted in lots of information without it being too complicated :)”

“Very good – I found it very helpful and learned quite a few things.”



Feedback from a workshop: ‘The Essential Content and Structure of an ABA Programme’ presented by Catherine Green BCBA on 14th December 2013

” … Excellent course – very relevant to my work. I have learned a lot today.”

” … Great Workshop! Engaging, informative and very helpful! Great learning experience in a very positive environment, thank you :)”

“Such a wonderful collection if sessions. It has provided me with great knowledge to work from and equip me with the awareness of running an ABA programme. Thank you.”